Monday, March 12, 2012

More Testimonials...

Pam “ I thoroughly enjoyed psychapressure, although painful and emotional it seems to have shifted us to another level”


Tracy “ It was enlightening, fabulous....the amount of shifts I had during this course was incredible, absolutely incredible.....thank you Mark this was a very special gift to all of us”


Dagmar - “It was stunning....the wisdom and the truth that came from Mark was unbelievable – I can recommend it to everybody”

Kerryn “I recommend this course to everybody, the emotional shifting is quite profound”

Tracy “ It was enlightening, fabulous....the amount of shifts I had during this course was incredible, absolutely incredible.....thank you Mark this was a very special gift to all of us”

Mark Abadi & Bruce Lipton

James Oshman recommends Mark Abadi

" I have known Mark Abadi for many years and consider him to be a close and important colleague. We have lectured and taught classes together and have learned much from each other. Mark is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher, and is very generous of spirit. His workshops and lectures are exciting, informative and life-changing. I recommend him very highly with no reservations.

James L. Oschman, Ph.D.
Nature's Own Research Association
P.O. Box 1935
Dover, NH 03821-1935
phone: 603-742-3789
fax: 603-742-4695"

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Balancing Work & Play - Written by Taryn Edge

“The art of balancing your working life will enable you to become twice as productive with half the effort,” says motivational speaker and visiting Holistic Quantum Psychologist - Mark Abadi, who is currently on a teaching tour of South Africa providing keys to unlocking one’s potential.

Having studied psychology, occupational health psychology, expanded into applied psychology and complementary medicine Mark is an energetic, enthusiastic and amusing speaker. He has travelled throughout the world stimulating conferences; explaining the quantum and scientific dynamics of certain psychological interventions; supervising and supporting Masters and Doctorate research projects with MIT University, Pune, India; as well as delivering intervention programmes from the science of energy management to the dynamics of stress management.

“I blend my skills as a life coach, motivational speaker and team performance coach with stress management, holistic medicine and quantum psychology to create a totally unique and fully holistic full revitalisation service,” says Mark who will be hosting corporate and transformational workshops while in South Africa.

“I work as motivational speaker and team builder to boost team performance and wellbeing. Often one of the key aspects affecting any group's performance is their ability to communicate and operate as one flowing coherent unit. Often such things are just expected to occur naturally, but often there is not the time available to allow nature to take its course. As a motivational coach I can help your team be the best they can be, out-performing their rivals and creating a unit, flexible yet solid.”

Mark’s Corporate Workshop encompasses an exploration of the dynamics of focusing exercises designed to allow your attention to tune into specific tasks as well as increasing your ability to multitask; and an explanation of how less is so often more.

He explains goal-setting and vision-mapping; teaches de-stressing and stress-managing meditation techniques; delves into conscious use of language and the embedded messages in words and body language; highlights the importance of the right fuels for the body, so that it can work in partnership with the mind; and brings into awareness the importance of balancing work and play.

“Above all,” he says, “allow yourself to enjoy work, for whoever said that life should be a struggle?”



Sunday, January 29, 2012

Your Moments with Mark

Personal & Spiritual Well being
By Mark Abadi
Podcast Description
A series of self expansive conscious recordings by Mark Abadi on some of life's best questions and topics. Exploring the Human condition in a brief moment of time. Blending art and science of spirituality together to form a synergy of conscious exploration.

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